Advantages of Digital Marketing?

Advantages of Digital Marketing

cost-effective, track and measure your business, beat your competitor, lead generation, is the advantages of digital marketing


Digital marketing is a kind of marketing in which include marketing of goods and services with the help of digital platform.for instance,

E-Mail Marketing
Social Media Marketing

if you were looking for advantages of digital marketing then  you are at right place.

Nowadays digital marketing scope is increasing quickly.

for the reason that, in India, 80% above people are using the internet among the population.

therefore, that 80% of users are active users. Now peoples are not going to the market for buying products like before,

they can buy a product at home with their mobile phone and tablet.

digital marketing was coined in 1990.

customer can easily buy product consequently, they not go to the market for shopping.

What is Online Marketing:-

Online marketing means promotion of products and services by digital medium.

like SEO, SMM, Website, Internet,E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile and beside that. know  more.

Other points:-

If you want to expand your brand, increase your sales, and therefore, want to grow your business?,

then you have to invest money into digital marketing to make it happen.

most important thing is that, your business should be very visible in the online world.

because your potential customers have moved live where they used to search products and services.

thus, 90% of your potential customers use search engines frequently.

in the same way, 92% of businesses rank SEO highest with growing importance as a source of leads.

here if you have a question that can people find you on search engines then yes people now easily find your business with a search engine.

according to the survey, local search has grown 300% from 1 billion in 2007 to 4 billion in 2013.

in the same way, 79% of local searches done on a mobile result in a purchase, on computer and laptop there was an estimated 75.74% in 2019.

people are now using their mobile devices to search for local businesses to buy products.

here is the important thing for entrepreneurs and businessmen that your website should be mobile-friendly.

if your website will not be mobile-friendly then the customers will go directly back,

your bounce rate will increase and it will affect your ranks on google.this is a most important.

62% of companies reported an increase in sales after designing a mobile-friendly website.

your customers are spending 1 to 15 minutes online on the social network.

do you have a brand presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and beside that?

then you can do everything at the same time from directing core aspects of your business such as,

business development, finance, supply chain, production, marketing, and sales.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:-

1].Cost Effective

Digital marketing is very cost-effective than traditional marketing. Hence, businesses use digital marketing

here you can save your money with digital marketing.

through digital marketing you can do brand awareness and lead generation.

moreover, you can keep your budget positive with digital marketing.

if you do advertising on newspaper, radio, television, hoarding, etc., it is very costly.

if you give add of your brand on newspaper front full-page ad start 2500$.

hoarding or billboard ad cost is starting from 250$ in the rural area.

medium city estimated 1400 to 2000$.

and likewise in metro city it is 13000$ per month.

it is not possible to expense so many dollars for small scale and medium scale business.

in digital marketing if you do Google ads then it will charge between $1 to $2 per click.

in social media marketing its only estimated 2000 R.s only for a long time.

that’s why all business turns towards digital marketing.

you can easily maintain your financial budget with digital marketing.

all businesses should try digital marketing for the reason that traditional marketing is very costly

2].Interact With Targeted Audience

A conversation with your potential customer is very important.

in traditional marketing you can’t interact with your customer and it is not possible in traditional marketing.

exactly customers what does want, it is important to know for all businesses.

so that, in traditional marketing it is possible. with the help of a social media platform you can chat with your targeted audience.

and can ask them what they want to buy and you can easily provide your product to them and increase your sale to do conversation with them.

3].Increase Website Traffic and Rank 

You can easily increase website traffic when your website will appear on search engines.

how many people are visiting your site in a day you can easily know with online marketing tools like Google analytics.

here customers visit top websites on search engines so you should focus on your title, description, keyword and beside that many more.

SEO will help you to rank a website on the top page and whenever customers will search something on Google.

your website will be on the top page and customers will click on your site. and you will get website traffic.

4].Beat your Competitor

now all businesses are online. and customers prefer the online platform to buy a product.

you have to start digital marketing to beat your competitor.

in digital marketing you can easily beat your competitor.

you can increase your sales than your competitor by the target audience.

5].Track and Measure Business

here is the best feature of digital marketing is the track and measure your business.

it is possible to track your business in digital marketing.

how many people come on your site through mobile you can know it.

you can get the idea that you should make your website more mobile-friendly how many people come through social media.

and how many people come through display Ad you can see and you can easily measure your business according to it.

if you want to know more about the advantages of digital marketing then tap  here.

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