digital marketing trends?

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021-22 will be very wide. chat-bot will dominate consumer service and E-mail will get more personalized.


      According to survey of 2019 there was population of India was 1.37 billion.and 560 million internet users in India 2019.

      it will be grow 600 million in 2021.

     we should thank to Jio because due to Jio internet price have fallen.

     no doubt nowadays internet price is so high but i am talking about when Jio not come. 

     nowadays, internet has reached every home.

     Now people are spending their precious time on mobile phone and internet.

     nowadays we watch T.V, we change the channel as soon as advertisement arrives. 

     people mostly like digital platform for their entertainment like youtube, hotstar, amazon prime etc.,

     people are not interested in traditional marketing method like newspaper,radio,television etc.

     if someone want to hear some news then he will read online newspaper and will watch video on youtube.

     here all businesses should take advantages of digital marketing.

     because in 2021 the ratio of internet user will be 600 million.

     so you should start digital marketing and you should start advertising on internet.

     due to digital marketing all businesses can target their audience and can increase sales.

     there is parable in marketing that “BE THERE, WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE AVAILABLE”. 

     your customers are currently on internet, Facebook, Youtube etc.,

    here is the thing that your customers are live digital marketing demand and trend are increasing day to day.

     you should start digital marketing for grow your business.

     nowadays all business need digital marketing because their potential customer mostly spending their time on internet. 

     so the trend of digital marketing in 2021 will very wide.people will be more and more digital.

     Digital marketing trends will be increase in 2021 cause due to lockdown, all companies  go in loss that’s why they prefer digital marketing.

     here some point for digital marketing trend given below:

1.Voice Search

    Many people says voice search will change everything, yes it will change everything.

    if your content is such that you earn money by landing people on your website, 

    if you earn money from Adsense and if you earn money from affiliate marketing,

    if you do remarketing   then your business will totally lose.

    voice search is going to be very trendy.

    if you search anything like age of Shahrukh Khan then google will give you direct result.

    if google give direct result then you will not click on website. so like this, all business will go into loses.

    voice search will be good from branding point of view.

    if you have a brand then you can target your audience and you can do google ad and video will be good for you. 

2.Content Marketing

     a big thing in content marketing is video marketing.

     if you see before 5-6 year there was internet not Powerful.

     people was used t.v.but nowadays old generation people also using Youtube and they are spending their time on            internet and watching video on Youtube and hotstar.

     here all businesses should take benefit of it.

     all people are using youtube for any kind of information. businesses should start video advertisement so that, they can reach to more and more people.

     due to video advertising your brand and business definitely grow.content marketing trend will so high on 2021.

3.Marketing Funnel

     if we talk about past time, that time marketers do advertisement on television and hoarding, now it become digital.

     if you search anything in google you used to see ad there.

     marketer make a funnel for their customer like marketer says to their customer that land on my site i will provide you free e-book and they will provide you service.

     step by step they will earn customer trust.

     i will suggest you that you should learn funnel marketing. because it will be very trendy in 2021.

4.Chatbot Marketing 

     chatbot is a kind of robot on your website who give the answer of question of your customer.

     if your website have a chatbot then customer will talk with bot and it will increase your time on site.its trend in 2021 will very widely.

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