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Do you know how to sell product and what is the method of it. let’s know in this  Blog.


                        ” Commerce is  the tactic among the seller and consumer of merchandise and services for the money.”


                         The word “SALE” acquire from “sala” from the Germanic root. The Founding father of Direct Sale is RICHARD DeVos. He was a Founding father of the  “AMWAY” multi-level selling company. 

                         The Company was based in 1959. Recently The CEO of Amway is “MILIND PANT”.

                         The  Direct sale was started in India in 1996 approx when some international players Sweden based company entered in India. 

                         Prior to each company were running in India. After other People started those businesses in India.

                         There are top 5 selling companies in India according to 2020 for instance

  • Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
  • Amway
  • Herbalife
  • Vestige
  • Win Nature International Pvt.Ltd.

What is Sell:-

                      In the world, People not Know yet how to sell product actually.

                       Selling is not a selling job this is a rejection basically. Sales is a world’s dangerous profession by the way. Although peoples believe that, this is a useless profession.

                       Sale is such a profession, when you create a profit and loss account of a company and put debit site a things as Salary, Rent, Taxation, etc.

                       The Scales are completely filled in the debit side. and after credit side, we used to put “by sale ”  at that time Scales becomes equal due to Add Sale.

                       There is lot of power in sale. The ratio of sale is 80:20 approximately. 

                      20 percent of people understood very well that, if they work on sale better, if they follow the system of selling, and get expert advice on sale then they can beat many highly qualified professionals like doctors and engineers.

                      Selling profession can make money more than Doctor, Engineer, and chartered accountant. and also selling profession can beat celebrities in matter of money.

                     If we build business seriously, it can be one of the world’s great profession. We all doing sales every day. if we are doing job anywhere, we are selling our Hours for earning Wages or Salary.

                     Top 10 things for selling product to know just click here.


                     Remember all points and keep it always in your mind, when you goes for sell product, it does not sell. have you ever think before about, why your product does not sell. let’s talk about it. 

  • First of all when you go for the sale of any product, at that time be the consultant, not a seller. a consultant does not sell products they do consult of products that, customers need products or not.
  • Many seller used to do irritate to customers. the first thing is you should always remember in your mind that never irritate your customer who comes to your store.
  • Always understand what your customer actually want and what you  are providing them. keep smile always on your face during conversation with customer.
  • Always feel like a consultant. always remember 3 process, as  Examine, Diagnose, and Treatment. in one to one presentation, first examine your customers  what actually they want. after Try to read the customer’s mind first, then convince your customer.
  • Remember one thing is that selling out of sequence kills the sale.
  • You know why your product does not selling actually. you does direct treatment on customers that’s why they run away from you. you do not try to understand that the product you provide to customers, they actually need or not. 
  • The main mistake you used to do is that, you does not ask your customer that which type of product they want. 
  • Let me give you one example. if you have a apparel shop and customer enter in your store, do welcome of your customer and ask them that which type of apparel they want and which wear they want actually, office wear or daily wear etc… these all things should ask to your customers first.
  • Second thing is that never judge your customer that, this customer will buy product and that customer ll’ not buy products. you can’t judge anyone.
  • third thing is the priority of leader when he goes to one to one presentation always examine then diagnose then give the treatment.
  • the one thing can happens in a vast place, the  product you show to customer and your product may not even be able to show them.
  • For instance, if someone comes into your store for asking about any address and you directly do treatment of selling on them, it will be waste of time for you. so here, a thing you should keep in your mind that examine your customer first what actually they want and after show them your product.
  • if you are a salesman and always go to the door to door selling a product, then ask your customer that “Can I show you my product, and tell them, what about your product is. and which benefit they will get after purchase your product.
  • if any customer comes into your store, never think about money. don’t think that I must sell this product to that customer and I will get more and more money. if you follow this process then you will be a salesman and can also get current income  but your growth will stop there.
  • This process becomes a habit and this habit gets into your blood and you will provide this habit to your team member.
  • Then you complain that you have a 100 peoples of team and they are not doing those work properly. to remove it follow 3 step which, we have discussed already is examine, diagnose, and treatment.
  • This is the main things should have to all shopkeeper and salesman is “Focus on relationship not a sale.”
  • To Sale anything first formula is above 3 step given above and the second formula is Focus on relationship with customers not a sale.
  • You  should go for making relationship with customer not for selling product, sales will automatically done there. Always try to Develop relationship with customer. 
  • if you just focus on sale you will loose both sale or relationship with customer. after you can’t make neither relationship nor sale.
  • Many salesman have only one question that how to build high quality relationship. so, answer is listening. you must have to listen your customer first, and speak as need as. listening build’s trust.
  • listening is not only useful in selling profession, it is very important for all profession. if you speak continuously during sale and you does not give chance to speak your customer, you will loose sale or relationship.
  • customers want relationship before anything. they should feel comfortable during talk with you.
  • Last thing is ask a question to your customers. like, what is your plan after 5 year and many more?. that is the reason behind ask question is, they will  feel comfortable with you.
  • Do 2 or 3 minute Communication before sale like do welcome your customer, ask them some question with good smile, do shake hand…. all these topic should keep in your mind during sales. 
  • if you do 3 minute communication and after you will provide your product to customers, there you will get changes.
  • This all topic is not only for Salesman or Shopkeeper, it is also for student and who want to start those business in future.
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