Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization

SEO implies Search Engine Optimization which is used to grow your website quality and quantity on search engine result pages.


     S.E.O means Search Engine Optimization. 

     SEO is a very helps to get website traffic and also helpful to get rank your website on google.

     if you have a channel on Youtube and viewer not coming on your channel And if you have a website and visitor not visit your site, 

     S.E.O can easily help you to increase viewers on Youtube and also helpful to get traffic on your website. 

     search engine optimization, and search engine marketing had begun when the first website published in 1991..

     when the first web search engine launched, perhaps SEO had started around 1997.

What is SEO:-

     SEO Stands for search engine optimization, which is used to grow quality and quantity of website traffic through organic result of search engine.

Other points:-

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      if you have a website then how’ll you spread on the internet.

     firstly, you will create a Back-link.

     the secondly, that you will run Ad on google however, it will not possible for small scale business.

     thirdly Organic search. many organizations use S.E.O for their business. 

     SEO is helpful for customers to buy a product. 

     for instance, when the customer will think about buy products, he will first search on google.

     they will see the reviews on google. 

     the organization which will have on the top page, the customer will prefer to go there.

     so here, SEO helpful for business and also customer.

     there are many types of SEO, for instance, on page S.E.O, off page S.E.O, Technical S.E.O, Local S.E.O, Mobile S.E.O here,you can see above types in detail below:


                       On-page SEO means the things in which,website in your control for instance, meta title, meta description, image upload all thing…

     in short you can manage your website yourself its on-page SEO. 

     you guys had listened that “CONTENT IS THE KING”, if your content is good, your meta title and meta description are good then google will help you to rank your website. 

     if someone visit your site and your content will not be good then they’ll go back. 

     so focus on your content,and must use good heading, meta title and meta description, internal link, external link, Alt tag etc


     This is a technique to improve search engine ranking for your keyword.

     you can easily build back-link on another website. 

     moreover, off page S.E.O will not show in your website. 

     off-page SEO which doesn’t happen on your website directly.

     off-page SEO include structure of website and speed optimization of your site. 

     the activity of off-page SEO is social bookmarking, link building, influence outreach, 


     Local S.E.O is the type of S.E.O which, do work similar for example, it’s helpful to market your local business online.

     Its is helpful to promote product and service of business. 

     When you search on google, top 10 jeans shop near me, google will show a box with shop name, star rating, store open time, or contact number. it’s call local SEO.


     Technical S.E.O is the process of optimizing the website for crawlers. 

     here, technical S.E.O is a working as a “chain” as a result it links your website with crawler and helping to index web-page. 

     on-page S.E.O is only for our website article on other hand, technical S.E.O is for the whole website. 

     here, some example of technical S.E.O.

                     -> Firstly, you have to SSL Certificate of your website.

                     -> It means “https” if you have a SSL Certificate then google will secure your website.

                    -> secondly, you have to add your site map in google webmaster.

                    -> If you do any changes in your web-page then you have to add your new sitemap in webmaster.otherwise it will affect your ranking.

                   -> Thirdly ,your website should have to mobile-friendly. 

5}.MOBILE SEO          

     Mobile SEO is optimizing your website for users on mobile and tablets. 

     Mobile SEO helps your customers who, looking for your service.

     on the internet there is a mobile user is more than a computer user that’ why mobile SEO is beneficial for you and your customers. 

     here the mobile SEO is very importantly, the reason is that, according to survey there were 59% of mobile searches. 

     41% are desktop searches. 93% of people are using google search engine for those query.

                   here, we will discuss White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Grey hat SEO,


     White hat SEO is a process and method to improve the search engine ranking of websites with following all guidelines of search engines. 

     when you choose this method of SEO, your website will take some time to rank on a particular keyword.

     on the other hand,  your ranking will be safe for a long time.


     In this, you don’t follow the guidelines of the search engine.

     a black hat SEO in which involves cloaking, hidden link, hidden text ,keyword stuffing, link spam etc., 

     if you use black hat SEO then it is a deceive to google and maybe google can block your website. 

     here algorithm of google for example, panda, spyder..the algorithm can identify who is using black hat SEO.


     Grey hat SEO is a kind of SEO which, neither black hat nor white hat SEO. 

     this is a technique that does not fully use the black hat SEO and white hat SEO. 

     we can say that users use 95% white hat SEO and 5% black hat SEO

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