Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing

in traditional marketing versus digital marketing is, marketing through newspaper is traditional and through mobile, internet is digital.




Digital marketing which marketing of product and service using digital technologies.

for instance, mobile, internet, computer, search engine optimization, social media marketing, display ad and many more.

here is the definition of digital marketing is very clear that, marketing of companies products and their services.

Nowadays people mostly like to buy product at home, they are not preferring to go market for buy a products.

many companies are growing their businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Big- Basket and many more.

customer mostly prefer to buy product at home because due to online shopping they are saving those precious time.

as you know according to survey of internet user in India was 493 million active users.

80% among them was social media active users.

many businesses have started digital marketing to grow those business.

due to digital marketing it has become easier to sale product for them.

they can easily target their audience and its one of the best benefit of digital marketing.


“Digital Marketing means marketing of goods and services of company for promotion using digital mediums likewise, Mobile, Internet, SEO, SMM and Moreover.

“Benefits of digital marketing”

1.Cost Effective

Digital marketing is a very cost effective than traditional marketing.

if you have start your business with worth Rs.50000 then you don’t need to open any shop.

you can do online marketing with your smart phones and computer.

if you start advertising in digital marketing it is too cheap than traditional marketing.

in digital marketing the cost of display ad is something around only Rs. 2000 to 5000.

2.Targeted Audience

You can easily target your audience in digital marketing and it is only possible in digital marketing.

millions of people are use search engine to buy a product.

if the customer get relevant product of them, they will buy.

for example, if you have a business of retailing ladies wear and if you want to show your product only age between of 20 to 30.

it is only possible in digital marketing.

3.Earn Website Visitor trust

Trust is one of the most important component in digital marketing.

if your relation with audience will not good, then it will be impact on your business.

good relationship with customer will lead your business and brand.

you must have to earn website visitor trust.

if your customer will not trust on your brand then they will never believe on your product that you are selling.

first of all you have to make your brand Trust-able.

“Types of Digital Marketing”

1.Search Engine Optimization

SEO implies Search Engine Optimization.

it is very helpful to get website traffic and also helpful to rank your website on search engines.

here is one thing is that, if you have a website then how you will spread on internet.

for instance you will generate back-link but it is not Guarantee that your website will come on top page.

secondly you will create display ad like google ads, Youtube ads, and mobile ads.

last is SEO. due to SEO you can get millions of hit for free.and it is a organic.

2.Social Media Marketing

social media marketing means marketing with social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.,

social media marketing have become more beneficial for digital marketer.

in India there is 80% people are using social media.

digital marketer have started social media marketing to reach their targeted audience.

In the Marketing  Competition are running about traditional marketing versus digital marketing.

“Powering your digital dreams Taking  your business ahead.”


     Traditional marketing means marketing of product and service using traditional and offline method like advertising on newspaper,billboard,brochure,radio,television etc.

     its refer to kinds of promotion and advertisement in which companies used this method in early period to market their product.

     if marketer want to do offline promotion then they apply traditional marketing.

     the concept of traditional marketing is that, the sellers will find the customer and  sell the product themselves. 

     Traditional Marketer can’t find the customer hich they want. Means It is not possible to Target Audience.

“Example of traditional marketing”

1.T.V ads

     Here you can see the television ads of lays wafer by Ranbir kapoor and Alia Bhatt. 

     Television ad are  very costly because in India television cost is between 1755 to  2340 per 10 second. 

     People are not Interested in television ads.

     Traditional marketer hire a celebrity for advertisement.

     Because Indian people like Celebrity that’s why traditional marketer use television ad.but it is very costly.

2.Hoarding ads

     Hoarding/billboard advertisement is one of the most costly advertisement and it is not possible to small scale business.

     Hoarding  cost in India metro city is worth Rs. 1 Lakh Upto 15 Lakh per month. Moreover it is very costly.

    If the marketer hire celebrity or Influencer for ad then people will buy product but there is no guarantee.

3.Newspaper ads

     Now people don’t like to read newspaper because they are using smartphones they can read online blogs and online news.

     Further newspaper ads is very costly because in mumbai and Delhi TOI rate is 3500/sq cm. full page ad campaign is 50 lakhs.

     If you will give full page ad then it is possible to people watch that ad. on other hand full page ad is not possible to all marketer.

4.Radio ads

     Nowadays people are not using radio for any kind of news.

     they are preferring watch video on youtube and hotstar. 

     many traditional marketer are still giving ad on radio but they are not earning anything from radio ad.

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